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EFM Consulting is a trading name of EFM Consulting Ltd.  |  Company Number:  08238939  |  VAT Registration Number:  144 7847 83

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We provide cost effective high quality aerial inspection services and support for estates and facilities departments or organisations.

As one of the UK’s leading aerial thermal photography and inspection companies, we use remote-controlled “drones”. Using live video downlink, images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot, Camera Operator, surveyor or your estates team full control of the images you want.

 The company also has full ground based filming, design & video editing capabilities and are fully insured with £2m public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) with permissions for aerial work granted by the C.A.A.

Our pilots are BNUC-s and Nebosh qualified, adhering to strict safety and operational rules.

Giving you a new perspective

Google Maps is a useful tool, but the images tend to be at least a couple of years old and lack the resolution for doing real work. We can assist in making your own maps and giving you a new perspective on your business with accurate, high resolution imagery you control.

3D model-based stitching

Utilising cutting-edge methods available for creating maps. Combining multiple looks at an area as an aircraft flies over allows us to create a 3D model from which can derive stunningly accurate photomaps and textured 3D models which can be downloaded and previewed online.


Georeferencing enables you to align your images to known points on the ground. It is not required, but with a few clicks you can accurately reference your map and use it as an overlay is many GIS systems or Google Earth.

Stockpile Volume Measurement

We are able to take volume measurements and make measuring and tracking stockpile volumes quick and easy. There is no expensive software to buy and the measurements can be made directly from your web-browser. Volumetric measurements are easily shared with others and are stored to track progress over time.

Multi-visit management

Multiple georeferenced visits to the same mapping site can be combined and arranged with our drag-and-drop interface. You can build and quickly view a history for every point on the map. This feature is especially useful for construction monitoring, agriculture, pipeline documentation and solar array inspection.